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Azhar and Rubina Are Back in Kal Kissne Dekha!!!

From left: Rubina and Azhar in Slumdog Millionaire

From left: Rubina and Azhar in Slumdog Millionaire

My interest (or whatever was left of it, rather) in the Bollywood movie Kal Kissne Dekha (funny how people write spellings.. “kiss”ne) had suddenly peaked upon learning that Azhar and Rubina have a special role in the movie. Woo hoo!!!

If you are still wondering who I am talking about (you must either have a really short term memory or you are a Martian), I should remind you that Azhar and Rubina had portrayed the role of Little Saleem and Little Latika respectively in Danny Boyle’s Oscar (and many other awards) winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. With all their charm and gallons of talent they have endeared themselves to millions all over the world. 

Kal “Kiss”ne Dekha seems to have been going about roping in biggies for cameos. Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Rishi Kapoor are all doing cameos in the movie. I wonder what has happened to Shah Rukh. Is his price so high that producers cannot afford to cast him in a full – fledged role (what with the recession and all, even I am worried)? He has been doing a lot many cameos lately, which are doing nothing for the films whatsoever. Instances of these are the good-in-parts-otherwise-yawns Luck By Chance and the don’t-talk-about-it Billu (Remember Barber has been dropped, lest your head is shaved off by the barbers). Director Vashu Bhagnani is sure going all out to ensure that his son Jackky (I wonder if that is his real name) gets the maximum attention and a blockbuster first movie.

Anyway talking about my darlings, Azhar and Rubina - Kal “Kiss”ne Dekha marks their entry into Bollywood. After spending time with Hollywood biggies, they are here to move about with our very own Bollywood celebrities. While the whole of India was poking its nose into their personal life (saying “Hey, did you know Azhar’s father slapped him?”) , Vashu Bhagnani acted fast and welcomed them aboard Kal “Kiss”ne Dekha. He has filmed Azhar and Rubina’s sequence on March 3rd at the Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai.

If you have not already read about it, Kal “Kiss”ne Dekha is based on the concept of future telling (The very word “future” reminds me of the blunder I had made, namely, Love Story 2050). It is about lead actor, Jackky who can see the future. In the sequence with Azhar and Rubina, Jackky foresees danger to the celebrity kids’ lives, who are returning to India from the Academy Awards (in the movie I mean – in case you are confused), and rushes full on to the airport to save them (Ah! The hero Jackky is also a star with kids, I see). Interestingly, the kids will be shown in the same outfits they were dressed in at the Oscars (to make it more real, I guess. Or to save money – remember, the recession?).

When I first heard that Azzu and Ruby (nicknames by me!) were recruited for Kal “Kiss”ne Dekha, my first thought was Man! I should watch the movie! Then I heard that they have just this one scene where they are saved by Hero Jackky, I was like Forget it, I will watch Azzu and Ruby’s part on youtube, don’t want to waste three hours watching a soppy love story.

Anyway, all for the better, as this leaves Azzu and Ruby with a lot of free time which they can utilise for their studies. I hope the bachoos are studying hard!



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