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Author :: Ashok Kumar Sharma

Ashok K Sharma, PhD An outstanding and twice National Awards Winning PR, Content and Media Management professional.

Dr. Sharma regularly authors nonfiction books for India's topmost publishers. His non fiction best sellers are available in several indian languages. Apart from multiple qualifications, Dr.Sharma has an impressive build up of 43 bestsellers on a exclusive variety of radically different subjects like Predictions, Prophets, Futurologists, Ghosts, Spies, Espionage, Terrorism, Rituals, Religion, Unknown History, Forgotten Heroes, Medicines & Therapies.

Dr. Sharma is a visiting Journalism and Mass Communication faculty to a number of accredited Indian Universities and associated with Asia's Biggest Distance Education University Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as Content Author.

Additionally his interest in fortune telling has made him an internationally acclaimed, five star rated online Astrology and Psychic Consultant, having a massive online following at, the biggest online expert community.

Academic Qualifications

D.Lit. Journalism & Mass Communication, Lucknow University, Lucknow (Under submission)

D.Phil. (‘Communication & Journalism’) Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, A+

PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. U.P. Rajirshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad

M.Sc. (Botany) Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

MA (Hindi) Meerut University, Meerut

Career Summary

More than 26 very successful years of progressively responsible professional experience in Public Relations, Mass Communication and Media Management etcetera including experience as the PR & Media Manager for the maximum number of the Chief Ministers and Governors at the biggest democratic State of World, Uttar Pradesh (India).

Managed Media for several VVIPs and topmost bureaucrats and several departments of different work areas.

Expert in Strategic Public Relations and Media Relations. Authored 43 best selling fiction & nonfiction books for the topmost publishers of India & won national awards twice.

Visiting faculty on panel of several accredited National Universities & Institutions, teaching and advising them on matters related to Journalism, Mass Communication and Content Creation.

Nominated for the IAS by the State Government in 2006. Selection process completed but result subjudiced.

National Awards & Honors

Most Original Book on Health Subject, Government of India 1993. On World Famous Systems of Medicines & Therapies (Pustak Mahal)

Pandit GB Pant National Award, Government of India in 1998-99. On ISI: The Dreaded Intelligence Agency of Pakistan (Tulsi Publications)

Bhartendu HarishChandra Award, Government of India in 1999-2000. On Communication Revolution & Hindi Journalism (Vishwavidyalaya Prakashan). Nominated amongst Top Five Books

Best Selling Books

World Famous Systems of Medicines & Therapies, Pustak Mahal, New Delhi (1992) National Award in 1993

ISI : The Dreaded Intelligence Agency of Pakistan, Tulsi Publications, GB Pant Award (Home Ministry, GOI) in 1998

Sanchar Kranti aur Hindi Patrakarita, Vishvavidyalaya Prakashan, Varanasi (Among first 5 nominations for Bhartendu Award, GOI in 2000)

ABC of Marriages, Family Paperbacks/Pustak Mahal, New Delhi

World Famous Spy Scandals, Pustak Mahal New Delhi

Complete Prophecies of Nostradamous, Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi

Nostradamous and his prophecies for the next Millennium, Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi

U.P. Quiz Book, (1994, 1995,1996,1996,1997,1998) Pustak Mahal, New Delhi

World Famous Predictions, Pustak Mahal, New Delhi

World Famous Ghosts, Pustak Mahal New Delhi (So far 23 editions)

World Famous Notorious Women, Pustak Mahal New Delhi

Chintan aur Vichar, Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi

Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi

Vishwa Prasidhdha Vivah Prithayen avam Paramparayen, Pustak Mahal, New Delhi

Biography of JRD Tata (Joy of Achievement by RM Lala) Hindi transcreation as UPLABHDHI KA AANANDA for Rajkamal Prakashan, New Delhi

Aadhunik Patrakarita, Chunautiyan aur Sambhavnayen : Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi
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