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At the feet of the Perfect Master of Yoga-what next?

Sometimes, even the wisest among the wise feel that to get peace of mind, to run away to an ashram of a saint set up in a quiet mountain range is the best option. This is perversion of the confused mind. The correct approach is to create an ashram-like atmosphere where you are! The issue is not escapism, but active participation, without any motivated desires! This is true practice of yoga. The Perfect Master is not afraid of noise and din of the secular world. He knows the art of walking amidst those disturbances with the perfectly balanced attitude. But he is not looking for permanent joy from the outside world; he knows that it is futile. He doesn’t have any appointments with the future, and hence no disappointments. He knows that the surroundings cannot be of one’s choice. Since his fountainhead of joy is within, he is ever calm. Constant spiritual enfoldment and Atmic bliss is his way of life.

Such a Perfect Master has the capacity to reveal the sacred temple of Divinity within the abode of the heart of an aspirant. Having made the preliminary choice of meeting a saint, in the quest of Divine Knowledge, one needs to get the doubts, if any, cleared. A  Perfect Master, will not demand the unconditional surrender or hefty membership fees for initiation. This is the credential of a Perfect Master, who owns the power to impart knowledge of yoga. Secondly, in the presence of the Perfect Master, you slip into a graceful spiritual peace. This is no hypnotism. It is the power of his spiritual aura and positive vibrations emanating from his soul. His connectivity is to your soul, not to the body.

Can Experiencing be made possible through individual efforts? The answer is in the negative. Take the example of a blind person. If he claims that with his own untiring efforts he will be able to get the eyesight that is over-estimation about his confidence. He needs the services of an expert eye-surgeon. In all important religious scriptures it is clearly asserted that with the Perfect Master’s benign grace only the Divine Eye can be opened(made functional) With his grace at the time of initiation, one sees the vision of God, instantly. At that stage no efforts are involved by the seeker. The grace is permanent and unconditional. It is everlasting because the aspirant is connected to the Immutable and Indestructible source of spiritual power. Warrior Arjuna was blessed with that Experience by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra (which is also referred to as Dharmakshetra) in the first stanza of the first chapter of Bhagavad-Gita. Lord Krishna further declares:

Na to mam shakyase drashtumanenaiva svachakshusha

Divyam dadami te chakshu pashya me yogamaishwaram(Chapter 11:8)

Your external eyes will not be able to comprehend my Divine form. I grant thee the Divine Eye to enable you to behold Me in my Divine Yoga.

So, that is the power of the Perfect Master. He has the capacity to transform the finite to Infinite.


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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for this poignant synopsis on the credentials of a bona fide spiritual master. Too often seekers think that a guru should guide us to God via his spiritual commentary only. But the facts surely are as described. The soul must be transported to that extra-sensory world, and this can only transpire through direct contact with the transcendental power by the divine vibrations of a perfect master. Visions of the peaceful soul thus give us the tranquility, peace of mind and poise we need to make the discriminate and correct choices in life. Thank you for putting forward the essence of scriptural messages to mankind.

    • Dear Divya,

      You know what divine experiencing is and the role of the Perfect Master in an individual’s life. You have good grasp of the connectivity of the Perfect Master with the soul of the disciple.Your comments are excellent and to the point.

      In your efforts for spiritual advancement, I wish you very well.

      Chandrakant Mallya

  2. excellent article. I will share this link with as many people as i know so they can enlighten their mind, body n soul.

  3. Dear Deepa,

    Your prayer, I sincerely hope, will be answered. The Perfect Master is perfect about the timings of his actions!

    Chandrakant Mallya

  4. Excellent article!Really divine…

  5. The article is very inspiring. May we all be “At the Feet of perfect Master – Forever”