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Are you Sugar-Obsessed?

Sugar is a sweet little word. It is a form of carbohydrate capable of providing a lot of energy. Every living being loves the taste of sugar and so it’s not wrong if you do. But the thing is that when the level of sugar intake goes beyond that is actually needed by our body; it can bring about a lot of problems.

It is beyond doubt that sugar has intoxicating effects. It has been identified that our forefathers used to ensure that a fruit was edible by simply checking whether it was sweet. All that contains natural sugar is definitely healthy and can foster perfect digestion which is why it is good to have fruits after a meal. Sugar gives a feeling of contentment but it is strongly addictive as well.

How much sugar do you have a day?

If you have a craving for sugar, deeper than the normal, then you are developing an addiction to it. A little bit of sweet at times is harmless for sure but if the consumption is larger, then there is a reason to worry about. Take some time and find out how often you have sugar. This could be in any form like sweets, candies, desserts, sweetened soft drinks etc. Think of how many times you have sweets (candies, hot chocolate, ice-cream, cake) in a day. If it goes more than twice, it is not desirable.

How can you find if you are obsessed with sugar?

The simple thing you could do first is to have a good look at you. If you are used to having plenty of sweets, your body shows it. Check whether you body weight is increasing significantly. Weight checking is important since some people never store fat but only show an increase in the overall weight. Look over the places where you eat, study, work or sleep and find if they are stored with your favorite sweet stuff. If candies occupy a prominent place in your study desk, sweets form the major part of your evening snacks and it is hard for you get along without as much as a chocolate a day, then you are definitely obsessed with sugar.

How to get across?

The curious thing is that those who are obsessed with sugar are clearly aware of it. They might devour their favorite sweets in isolation but stay composed in front of others. They never display their addiction in public. But rather than veiling your behavior, its better to modify your preferences. Though controlling your temptation could be aggravating initially, it is better for you to hang on.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, processed sweets and packaged food products. Sugar along with the harmful chemicals in these products can adversely affect health.  Sugar in large quantities can make you obese and diabetic since it is hard for your body to process all the sugar inside you. Sugar disrupts our immunity making us vulnerable to diseases. Fruits are natural sources of sugar and can effectively integrate your craving for sweet stuff. A judicious combination of honey is fine too. Make sugar an option but never a habit.

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  1. it is complesory we make put sugar one or two spone. Get sugar complentnot only take the
    sugar we will get by rice. Certain age we take rice we take more glouse
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