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Amazing Fruit Harvest Festivals


Can you imagine, a  Taj Mahal made of juicy oranges? Yes, it’s true. Every year between February to March, the French government organize several such fruit festivals that are remembered for the such fruit sculptures they show. The tourists from all over the world flock to a small city Menton in south France. Invariably the The Parade of Golden Fruit festival begins Sunday morning when endless rows of coaches and cars flood this tiny city. Happy faces of kids and adults are seen everywhere.  Here are some pictures of this unforgotable event held this year.


Harvest Festivals Around the World

You will be surprised to know that there are several other types of such unique fruit festivals all over the world.
The Georgia Peach Festival (Fort Valley Festival) is held in June to honor local growers. Concerts, parades, peach ice cream and dancing are highlights. The world’s largest peach cobbler is made each year.


For more than 30 years in Britain, The Cambridge Strawberry Festival has been held on Cambridges’ Midsummer Common in early June. The name strawberry comes from the way English farmers placed straw between the ground and the berries to protect them.

Tons of fresh blueberries are found at The Annual Texas Blueberry Festival is celebrated every year in Texas during mid-June. Fresh blueberry pancakes, pie, cobbler and ice cream contests are held, along with a classic car show, horseshoes tournaments and arts and crafts. Nearby farms are open for picking.

The Lemon Harvest in Menton (France) is celebrated every February. Lemons are found everywhere in this retirement haven on the Mediterranean. Large sculptures are constructed completely out of fruit and paraded through town on Sunday afternoons.

The National Cherry Festival is held in Traverse City, Michigan every july over a week . A cherry pit spit contest, a cherry pie baking contest, the Cherry Bing Swing Dance and other cherry-related events are hosted during the week. Daily talks regarding the connections of festival, farm and fruit are held. The festival has been held for more than 83 years.

The Honeymoon Bay Blackberry Festival is held on the southern shore of Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island in Canada every August. The annual event takes place at the local blackberry winery and events include blackberry bingo, a blackberry breakfast and tea. A ball is held with a band and a local pig roast.

The International Mango Festival, held at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden,Coral Gables, every July, features a Mangos of the World display, mango auctions, workshops and a kick-off party.

References : Apart from the hyperlinks provided above, please visit these websites to explore further the world of Fruit Festivals.

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Kadazan Festival(Malaysia) : Celebrated by the Kadazan of Sabah each May with thanksgiving dedicated to the rice gods. Agricultural shows, exhibitions, cultural programmes, buffalo races, and other traditional games are held. There is much merrymaking and feasting with rice wine flowing freely throughout these festivities.

Other Harvest Festivals


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