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A to Z Free, Yes it’s Free, Free…

Everything for Free!

How to get virtually everything free in true senses


Free advice, Free help, Free downloads, Free music, Free Consultations, Free Coaching, Free Training, Free wine, Free toys, Free videos, Free games, Free learning, Free placement advice, Free guidance, Free samples, Free friendships, Free legal assistance, Free money, Free books, Publish your books free, Free e books, Free horoscope, Free predictions, Free Newspapers, Free TV programs, Free magazines, Free samples, Free greetings, Free emails, Free press releases, Free articles, Free ring tones, Free computers, Free laptops, Free mobiles, Free publicity, Free PR, Free advertising, Free visiting cards, Free operating systems, Free household gadgets and Free babes, bikinis, hunks, Free sexual enhancers like Viagra and Cialis …what not! Internet is a crazy free give away world.

In this blog I will teach you step by step how to get everything for free without burning your fingers, identity and using any illegal means. Before we proceed let’s have a look on some very important issues to avoid mistakes.

All readers are requested to write about what they would like to get free, whichever subject or item will be listed first I would take that first. And do please remember no one can get you free car, free plane, free yacht, free house, free degree…understand!

Yes, using Internet you may get virtually everything, almost everything. Noted my words? I said virtually and almost everything. Yes, it’s possible provided you avoid getting stuck and sucked in between your searches.

Remember, neither me, nor the blog site you are using at the moment neither the companies managing us…NO One would take any legal responsibility, in case in this process you committed a mistake and encountered any sort of loss or damage. If that’s clear, let’s understand this process in an extreme careful and responsible manner.

The Economics of Free Giveaways

I am absolutely right Internet Economy is thriving on the words enlisted above. Every company is using the free give away tactics to draw your attention and get you as a customer. Eventually several cons are also using these words to infect your PCs, laptops and inject into your operating systems some programs called Trojans, spy ware and the most dreaded and incurable viruses. If proper care is not taken, you just can’t escape. Your confidential data stolen, your identity becomes theirs and there are greater chances of your landing into a scam further with police chasing your whereabouts. But don’t be afraid, use tailored approach to suit your needs and definitely get all you want.

Anybody heard Gillian Welch [GW] sing the great song Everything is Free here are the lyrics before we proceed ahead. Enjoy!

Everything is free now,
That’s what they say.
Everything I ever done,
Gotta give it away.
Someone hit the big score.
They figured it out,
That we’re gonna do it anyway,
Even if doesn’t pay.

I can get a tip jar,
Gas up the car,
And try to make a little change
Down at the bar.

Or I can get a straight job,
I’ve done it before.
I never minded working hard,
It’s who I’m working for.


Every day I wake up,
Hummin’ a song.
But I don’t need to run around,
I just stay home.

And sing a little love song,
My love, to myself.
If there’s something that you want to hear,
You can sing it yourself.

‘Cause everything is free now,
That what I say.
No one’s got to listen to
The words in my head.
Someone hit the big score,
And I figured it out,
That we’re gonna do it anyway,
Even if doesn’t pay.

You may watch and enjoy the great video Everything for Free, from Ages Ago (1998) and try to understand what are the problems associated with trying everything for free.

Why I mentioned these songs? Because it explains the basics of the economics of free give away. No one’s got to listen otherwise. You have to listen to only the carefully selected free providers and get the benefits. Please don’t start dancing on their tunes.


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8 Responses

  1. cool series sir!! lots of cool free stuff, wish i knew about the engineering books site few years ago :(
    it would have saved me from carrying all those back breaking big books :)……

    • Dear Pavani,
      Thanks a lot. I am in a process of acquiring some free distribution rights and very soon we will be able to provide free stuff here at this blog, may be some time later.
      I am only concerned about the bots, worms, spy ware and Trojan issues. No visitor should get any infection.
      Secondly, I am talking to some experts, to arrange free expert advice available here. You know I am already enrolled at Liveperson as a fortune telling expert and have five stars rating there. I have several other experts there. Trying to interview them on a number of issues. I intend to post these interviews as issue centric blogs like how to recover from failure, how to cope up with sleeplessness…
      As a matter of fact, invariably all the expert sites never provide free consultations. Blogging about problem issues may be a great idea. What say?

    • Thanks a lot Pavani ji..

  2. Hello.. This is interesting.. sounds like Christmas is here!!! :D

    As for what I would like for free – International Music albums, and books. :)

    Can u guide me? :-?

    • Dear Mobiharry!
      Thanks for being the first visitor who appreciated and wrote about my blog. I would definitely include your request on priority hopefully in the next blog. I am not sure, I write spontaneusly so I may be carreied away and inclued the request a little later. Please keep visiting.
      With best compliments,