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A Lost World!

Nature was so full of beauty with lush green fields and ponds, flowers and butterflies; the birds had so much to sing about. They sang about the morning and about the setting sun; about the mountains and about the seas; about the pastures and the fields. They lived in jungles, but happily adopted our houses too without complains, singing and chirping as before. Their chirping woke us up for a fresh new day, and we returned home when they returned to their nest for rest. We lived with them and they lived with us.

But alas! Our population grew at a much faster pace than that of our little winged friends; and with population, grew our needs and greeds too. We separated from our own parents and relatives to live a self centered life, alone, in a separate house; with a separate vehicle for each member of the nuclear family. Everywhere forests were axed down to build houses for every new nuclear family. Now that forests are gone, we are growing buildings on the land where our food grains grew. The age old trees on the roadsides are removed to widen roads to accommodate our cars and provide parking space. We were so busy with ourselves we simply forgot the birds. Never did we pause to think– ‘where will they live?’ We erased their habitat, to build ours!

Now that the chirping has almost died and the alarm clock wakes us up (or the horn of the neighbor’s office cab), we are looking around and wondering, where have all the birds gone? As if they were some immortal creatures who could survive every mindless human doings! It took us so many years to realize that the sparrows are gone! Isn’t it sad?

Why just sparrows! The beautiful blue-orange kingfisher sat on the electric wires over a puddle, during the rainy season; the woodpecker proudly walked on the grass on the neighboring empty plot searching insects; the parrots were a common sight on the guava and mango trees in our backyard and the wise owl peeped from their holes; the hot summers too turned romantic with the cuckoo’s melodious song. Even the cunning crows are gone.

It was a colorful world. We simply forgot them because they never complained about our encroachments. They quietly tried to adopt our world in their own little way. But the little creatures sadly failed in their effort. They could not survive long without their nests in the cool shades of trees. The waves of the cell phones killed the sparrows and the oil in the sea killed the sea-gulls. Whatever little gardens we had, that too gave way to extra rooms, leaving absolutely nothing for the birds. Neither their natural shelter, nor food! Even the lakes and green cover of the bird sanctuaries are rapidly shrinking as the giant buildings draw closer like a monster!

Have you ever visited a bird sanctuary? Do visit. It’s a totally different world! The world of the birds! The silent innocence of the feathered wonders, the divine calmness of their pure world……. It’s almost like meditation. So many different varieties of birds all living together peacefully, so beautifully; it almost feels like heaven. They are so simple; they never retaliated against our atrocities. But we hardly felt any pity in culling innumerable birds during the bird flu scare.
“We do not belong to their world.
We simply do not have the right to belong!
They are innocent, we’re clever,
They are pure, we’re cruel.
Stop, do not touch them
They are not humans!
Do not spread the dreaded egoist human flu
To these pure souls….
For they will never kill you
Even if they get the clue!!!!”

Sad…’s a lost world! A lost beautiful singing chirping world!


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